Forex Major Currency Pairs

Forex major currency pairs

The major currency pairs on the Forex market are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/CAD, and GBP/USD. These pairs are traded widely and have large volumes. Furthermore, they have relatively low volatility. This is a benefit for those traders who are looking to avoid volatility. However, despite these advantages, major currency pairs are not free of risks.

The USD is the most popular currency and is traded in nearly 70% of the world’s trades. Its strong performance makes it an excellent candidate for cross-currency trading. Euro/JPY is also a popular choice. It is traded with the GBP, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar. The Japanese Yen is also considered a safe haven currency on the Forex market. This is primarily due to the debt structuring of the Japanese economy and its consistent performance over a long period.

In addition to the major currency pairs, there are many minor currency pairs. However, the most popular and widely traded are the 7 major currency pairs. They represent the largest share of the forex market and are the most liquid. These currency pairs can be traded with spread bets and cfds. Traders may opt to trade only one pair at a time, or trade the currencies in several major pairs.

In Forex trading, you can make use of Forex major currency pairs to benefit from market volatility. Each currency pair is based on the current value of one other. For example, EUR/USD is the price of one euro compared to one US dollar. In forex, the value of EUR/USD fluctuates frequently. A high value in one currency pair may cause a low value in the other. But this fluctuation is not always a cause for concern.

Another popular pair is the Euro/dollar. This pair is traded in the European and American markets. Trading in these currencies should be done when both markets are open. This can minimize the risks. However, if you are a day trader, it is best to avoid trading during the hours between 1pm and 4 pm GMT.

Apart from major currency pairs, you can also trade in cross currency pairs. This type of currency pair is usually referred to as a minor and not a major one. There are also cross currency pairs such as EUR/CHF and EUR/NOK. You can also trade in commodity pairs, such as GBP/JPY.

In addition to the major currency pairs on the Forex market, there are also many less popular pairs. In addition to the US dollar, the EUR/USD is the most popular pair among those traded in the Forex market. This pair is largely dependent on the oil price since it is the country’s main export. Likewise, the CAD is vulnerable to ongoing trade tensions. Therefore, if you’re a currency trader, it is important to choose a currency that offers a higher yield.

Currency pairs are often traded by using spread betting. The spreads for these currencies vary according to the volatility in the market. For instance, if EUR/USD is going up, you would want to sell EURs and buy US Dollars. In this situation, you’d have to pay EUR 1.3562 in the quote currency in order to buy USDs, and vice versa if you’re selling EUR/USD.

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